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  • Date : 02/11/2009
    Title : The Companies' Third Quarter Reports for the year 2008
    Details : The CEO of Amman Stock Exchange, Mr. Jalil Tarif, said that the time limit for submitting the quarterly reports from the companies listed at the First Market has ended by the end of Thursday 29/10/2009. The number of companies which submitted their reviewed quarterly reports reached 110 companies representing (92%) of the overall companies listed at the First Market. By virtue of the ASE (15/B) Listing Directives, all companies listed at the First Market must submit their reviewed quarterly report during the first month follows the said quarter. Such a step assures the First Market companies' transparency and disclosure in addition to abiding by other strict conditions relating to their financial position, profitability and shares liquidity. Tarif added that the ASE circulates these reports to the brokerage firms, post them on, ASE boards and on the ASE website (Arabic version) in the Circulars and Disclosures/quarterly reports window. Tarif also said that Jordan Commercial Bank, Beit Al-Mal Saving & Investment for Housing, United Arab Investors Jordan, The Arab Assurers, Jordan Central, Middle East Complex for Eng., Electronics & Heavy Industries, The Jordanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Jordan Petroleum Refinery have not submitted their reviewed quarterly reports, where as Jordanian Real estate Company For Development has submitted its reviewed quarterly report after one day of the determined time limit in breach of Article (15/B) of the Directives for Listing securities.
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